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At T&A Paving Inc., we provide a wide variety of residential and commercial paving services to customers in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. No matter what your paving needs are, we can help. We can tackle projects of any size. Here are just a few of the options we offer.

The driveway, sidewalk, and streets in your neighborhood may seem mundane, but they are absolutely crucial. Everyone who walks, drives, bikes, or skates in your neighborhood needs a smooth, safe surface on which to do so. Home and business owners alike should work with T&A Paving Inc. to keep all asphalt surfaces in good shape.​


Paving Services in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania

Your driveway or street needs to be properly graded so water can run off instead of pooling. Whether you’re having a new surfaced installed or just need your old surface re-graded, we can make sure the surface is graded and finished to prevent standing water.

One of the best ways to protect your asphalt surfaces is by having them seal coated. Seal coating adds an extra protective layer over the asphalt to prevent damage and help the asphalt last longer. Seal coating can also keep your asphalt looking black and striking instead of fading with the sun.

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This is one of our most used paving services. Whether you need a new asphalt road or driveway put in or an existing asphalt surface re-paved, we have the tools to get it done. We’ll make sure the surface is stable enough to receive new asphalt and repair any damage in the original surface.

Most asphalt surfaces need to be striped. At T&A Paving Inc., we can put in the standard parking lot stripes, and we can also designate handicapped and reserved spaces, as well as stripe crosswalks. We can do re-striping on old lots that need an update and we can put new stripes in brand-new lots.

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Seal Coating


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