Paving Services Available in Maryland,

Delaware and Pennsylvania


The area will be evaluated. If  your contract states  that broken areas  are to be dug out and removed , that will occur. Edges of  the driveway may be re-cut to straighten, it may be patched to grade with hot mix blacktop (if stated on contract) , and all debris will be hauled away from the jobsite. The driveway will then receive a tack-coat, which allows the new hot mix blacktop to adhere properly to the driveway. At this time the hotmix blacktop totaling 2" will be applied to the driveway by the paver and compacted in tight by the 3-5 ton roller.

Resurfacing/Recapping (Blacktop to Blacktop)

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Line Striping


In addition to the traditional parking-space line marking, we also offer a wide range of specialty striping services, including handicap spaces, crosswalks and reserved spaces. Our line marking options are endless. Line striping is a necessary part of asphalt maintenance. We pride ourselves in accurately placed, crisp, bright lines and symbols. We offer re-striping on lots with existing layouts and new layouts for those areas that may have never had a striping layout, or need changes.

Gravel driveway to Blacktop driveway

The area to be blacktopped will be graded and stone will be added if necessary ,to establish a solid base and proper water drainage.  The blacktop will be loaded into the paver, which will distribute 3" total top coat blacktop evenly across the surface to be blacktopped. A 3-5 ton roller will smooth and compact the blacktop in tight . The edges will be tamped to give a finished look and to prohibit water from entering at the edges. The driveway will be completed by the crew and then taped off so it may harden.

T&A Paving Inc. is a full service paving company. We offer a wide variety of paving services in Maryland, Delaware and Pennsylvania. Our professional Estimator will gladly come to your location and provide you with a FREE written estimate. Call us today so we can get you scheduled. 

 Any debris on the driveway will be cleaned off with a power blower.  If there is any type of matter on the driveway that cannot be removed by a blower, we  highly recommend  that you have it power washed prior to sealcoating.  If sealer is applied over top of foreign substances, it will not set properly and could cause the sealer to peel  or discolor.

The driveway will be sealed using a state of the art spray machine which will distribute the sealer evenly across your driveway. It can be adjusted for heavier flow if needed.

If you prefer a brush-on sealcoating, we will be more than happy to accomodate you. Please be sure to mention this to our estimator.